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Posted on 04. Feb, 2008 by in Big Trousers News

At Big Trousers we have been trialling the offline backup and storage solution provided by Amazon S3. Jungle Disk works very much like the iDisk, a service offered by Apple.
A hard drive icon appears on your desktop with the server based files at your disposal from any Mac or PC.
The backup application costs $20 but you need to set up an account with Amazon as well. The Backup utility is quite straight forward to set up so that files are automatically uploaded at some predetermined time at a frequency that suits. For our purpose we have the files we print photographs from and also the current working files for graphics projects backed up every night.
You can leave older files versions on the server as a backup of versions if you choose and have them deleted after a predetermined time if you wish.
The best news is that this is a no contract service and you only pay for what you use.
In fact there are no limits to the size of the backup and you pay 15c per Gig per month.
Data is stored at multiple Amazon.com datacenters around the country for high availability and security. Your data will then be available via any computer that has the appropriate login details. This feature also gives distant co-workers not on your network a way to collaborate on projects just as if they were on the same local server.

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