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Posted on 06. Jul, 2009 by in Big Trousers News, Web design

We are currently experiencing a delay in upgrading the hardware of the web server.

When all the bugs are ironed out we hope that an improvement to services will be evident but the change over has not gone as smoothly as we had hoped.

Keep an eye on this page for up to date details.


It looks as though there is a DNS problem inherit in our issues here as well. The new server needs time to be seen by various ISP’s for it’s new location. Some domains are working fine and others are slower to propagate. This will resolve itself over the next few hours.

If we look at the sites hosted over different connection they are starting to appear and the good news is that the sites load a lot faster.


It also seems that when the server was down for repair your ISP cached DNS failures. For those wishing to access mail in the interim you can see your site via and use the webmail service attached to your hosting service by adding /webmail to your domain url.


All should be getting back to normal now and the new server is a much better unit.
Twice the ram, dual SATA raided drives, faster dual multi threaded CPU – should be a noticeable difference in performance.
Still waiting on upload permissions to be sorted.

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